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American Character Readings wide screen
Watling Wood with marqueeredorangeback
American green and cream rpaleorangeback
American Wt Fate
BANTAM White orange back

Caille Moderne chartruse back
Caille Weight Teller  chartruse back
Copy of guesser curtains blue back
DELUXE green with yellowpale
Dr.Health aqua bk

FRANTZ purple
George Washington yellowback
GOLFSC green
gumball  scale green back
HANSON redback

IDEALS mediumorange back
ITS early model blue back
ITS step on it bk backgd
Jennings deeppurpleback
Kirk Astrology Scale darkaqua back

Marion Scale Lite green back
Menkhaus coca cola scale
Menkhaus pepsi best
mills blue
Mills Mirror. coral backJPG

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